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Our Story

Topjoy is only for you, the one who makes a difference!

Topjoy was founded in 2005, and over the past 15 years we have served dozens of brands in Europe, Americas,Middle East and Southeast Asia, developing, producing and manufacturing all kinds of electronic products for them, for which we have built up a strong R&D team, as well as manufacturing capabilities and accumulated rich supply chain resources, becoming the "hero behind the scenes" of these brands! 

However, the "heroes behind the scenes" also have their own woes: our young engineers and designers to open the production of innovative products. Because the brand is highly "conservative" and has to stop!

So, from 2020 onwards, we thought: there is a category of people who admire individuality and want to be different. Can we open a window and talk to them, so we launched the Topjoy brand.

Topjoy is only for creation, only for you who are different! Come on! Friends! Welcome to Topjoy electronics!