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TopJoy Butterfly:Pocket-Sized True Color DES Screen E-Reader

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尺寸: 6 inch

TopJoy Butterfly is a full-featured, ultra-portable color e-book reader with 6 and 7.8-inch screen size options. Equipped with a true color DES screen, TopJoy Butterfly offers 300 PPI for black & white content and unparalleled 150 PPI for color. Powered by the Android 11 operating system, TopJoy Butterfly is a versatile reading pad for different file formats and popular reading apps that make your reading experience effortless. Included with a stylus with eraser, TopJoy Butterfly 7.8 inch e-reader empowers you to read, sketch, and take notes while enhancing the full-color paper-like reading and writing experience. Portable, lightweight and compact, it is the BEST GO-TO reading pad for everyday use!

TopJoy has adopted the latest Display Electronic Slurry (DES) technology for Butterfly. This revolutionary technology provides higher resolution than traditional e-ink displays for better clarity and a MARKET-LEADING 150 PPI color display. The vivid, real colors powered by DES tech results in a more paper-like experience that is great for artists, creative professionals, and everyday readers.

Featuring a true color DES screen, TopJoy Butterfly e-reader delivers up to 1404*1872 high resolution and better readability in both monochrome and color, presenting 300 PPI for a sharp and crisp display of black & white content. When using TopJoy, it’s just like holding a hardcover book, comfortable, clear and easy on the eyes yet more compact and convenient.

Reading is one of the joys of life. How can we embrace reading? Since TopJoy Butterfly is running an Android 11 OS, you will have access to basically all book resources on the internet. With the ultimate in compatibility, TopJoy supports virtually any eBook format including EPUB、FB2、MOBI、RTF、PDF、TXT and other reading apps. You’re now one click away from an imaginative wonderland full of knowledge, adventure and entertainment.

TopJoy Butterfly e-reader offers 6” and 7.8“ inch sizes options at just 185g and 315g in weight. It’s ultra-portable, compact and each comes with a protective case. Take your avant-garde pocket-sized e-reader home and use it every day! TopJoy is a jack of all trades and your best GO-TO for reading.

The 7.8-inch TopJoy Butterfly e-reader comes with a stylus, which allows you to take notes on PDF, EPUB, TXT, and other ebook files. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data transfer to quickly move or share your files. 

In the Note feature of TopJoy 7.8" e-reader, you can feel free to make sketches or leave your handwriting with our 4096-level stylus with eraser. Have fun and make your delicate sketches.

Sharing always doubles the fun. The Bluetooth and WiFi built into TopJoy Butterfly empower you to share your inspiration with others with simple steps. An interesting sketch by you, maybe a piece of wonderful description, share them with your friends or on Facebook easily and fast. Get knowledge and fun together!

Beyond just text, TopJoy Butterfly can bring you to a more entertaining world. No matter is One Piece, Marvel, or comics and graphic novels for children, you can enjoy them with TopJoy Butterfly. The DES screen of TopJoy Butterfly allows you both clear full-color display and eyesight protection.

Thanks to the adjustable built-in reading front light and the diffuse reflection technology inside, TopJoy Butterfly greatly reduces eye fatigue and strain. Its glare-free DES screen doesn’t reflect unwanted light toward your eyes. Thanks to the built-in noise canceling microphone & BOX speaker, it’s perfect for quiet reading sessions before bed or drifting off to sleep while listening to an audiobook, perfect for nighttime stories with your kids. With TopJoy, tiredness ceases, so reading never stops.

Powered by a 3.8V 1500mah/3200mah battery (6 inch/7.8 inch), TopJoy is your ever-ready device for life-long reading. It provides up to 35 or 70 days standby time (6 inch/7.8 inch) before you have to recharge it, depending on which model you’re using.

For dedicated e-reader users, speed is essential. Embedded with a 1.8GHz 4 Core processor and 2GB RAM & 32GB ROM, TopJoy Butterfly has quick response and offers excellent page turn speed.

What can we do to start saving our planet? For book lovers, consuming less paper can make a BIG difference. Using an e-reader saves trees used for books, magazines, and paper. TopJoy Butterfly e-reader provides the best paper-like experience and meets all your needs. No matter if you’re a young reader or you’ve earned a life full of experiences, now is the time to make an impact and be part of the worldwide campaign for the future of the planet.